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When you look out the window at our popular, Deli-News New York Style Restaurant and Bakery located in North Dallas, Texas, your eyes may say “North Dallas strip mall parking lot,” but your stomach says “New York and the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Our giant menu is loaded with authentic Russian-Jewish favorites such as latkes, kugels and mozza ball soup, plus hybrids such as challah-bread French toast.

Our triple-decker sandwich packs enough pastrami to fill Shea Stadium, and our bakery offers take-home treats including a decadent onion loaf. Our no-frills décor is simply more evidence that we take our food seriously at the Deli-News in North Dallas, Texas.

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Behind the counter at the Deli News, the chalkboard menu reads like those of New York delicatessens. The restaurant offers homemade gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, chopped liver, potato latkes and franks. There is even a sandwich called "My Bubby Loves You."

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Deli News

A New York Style Delicatessen, Restaurant and Bakery located in North Dallas, Texas.

Deli News Dallas Catering has offered the best in New York style favorites for over 22 years. The Dallas Observer and DMagazine recognized Deli News Dallas Catering as the "Best Deli in Dallas."

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